/r/Bakugan Has a Minecraft Server

Join us in our 1.13 Minecraft Server!

/r/Bakugan Minecraft Server!

Status: Offline
Host: mc.bakuganreddit.com:25588

As of 2019-04-27, /r/Bakugan has a survival Minecraft server! Join the /r/Bakugan community in in one of the best selling games of all time, as you mine, craft, explore, and adventure!

The server is completely open to the public, with land claims, user shops, and much more!

How to join.

Download and install MInecraft.

open minecraft and click "multiplayer".

The server is join-able in Minecraft versions 1.13.2, and 1.14.

click "Add Server".

enter the ip address in the "Server Address" field and the click "done".

The server IP is


Select the server and click "Join Server".

Success! Now you can play Minecraft!

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